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This directory takes you to my personal notes. There is no guaranty as to the accuracy of the information, but to the best of my knowledge these notes accurately reflect the information contained in the source article. While the theory and procedures are generally still true, the parameters from these articles are out of date, and should not be depended upon.

These notes are condensed for study purpose, and the full source document should be read to fully comprehend the subject. The mathematics should be clear, but I use my own abbreviations in many cases to compress the notes, such as "ins" for insurance, "co" for company, "adj" for adjustment, "cred" for credibility, "prem" for premium, "LAE" for loss adjustment expenses and others that hopefully are not too obscure to recognize. The majority of the source articles are from the Proceeding of the Casualty Actuarial Society (PCAS).

General Insurance Topics

General Property & Casualty Ratemaking

Exposure Base

Basic & Increased Limits

Trends & Loss Development

Classification Ratemaking

Individual P&C Line of Business Ratemaking

Automobile Liability

Automobile Physical Damage


Commercial Fire & Allied Lines

Workers Compensation

General Liability


Boiler & Machinery

Claims-Made Coverage


Credence to attach to total or individual risk experience

Loss and Loss Expense Reserving

Individual Risk Rating - Plan Designs & Evaluations 


Schedule Rating

Experience Rating

Retrospective Rating

Composite Rating

Underwriting Profits & Investment Income

Considerations Insurance Law & Regulation

Operations Research & Decision Analysis

Life Contingencies & Interest Theory

Actuarial Notes