Expenses ASAP version 2.3

Calculates the underwriting profit & contingencies rate provision needed to achieve a target return on equity using company published statistics and a cash flow model. Produces exhibits for rate filing. The projected losses are combined with the expense needs calculated here, and current premium projections to determine the rate adequacy. 
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Trends ASAP version 3.0
Fits 6 curves by least squares to produce loss trend exhibits for filings. Measures of goodness of fit, and confidence ranges are provided. 
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Territory ASAP version 2.2
Distributes a desired rate level change to the territory (or any rating element) based on a choice between 6 methods: 1) uniform % change 2) adopting competitor's rates 3) adopting competitor's rate relativities; or credibility weighting to 4) overall average 5) current rate relativity or 6) to competitor's rate relativity. Applies limits for minimum and maximum change, and % between adjoining territory. 
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On-Level ASAP version 1.3
Calculates adjustment factors to apply to premiums to place them on today's rate level, and adjustment factors to apply to losses to bring them to the level of current benefit costs. 
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This spreadsheet won't solve the puzzle for you, but is an aid to show you what possibilities are left.

Global Distances and Directions
Free spreadsheet to find the shortest distance between two points on the globe and the direction to head.

Useful program  to convert a quantity from one measurement to another. Converts miles, feet, meters, gallons, stones, palms, centigrade, fathoms, and other measurements rarely found. This is an executable program ( ".exe") but cannot be down loaded here. Send a request, and the program will be sent in an email.

Non-Work Free Spreadsheets &/or Programs 

Premium ASAP version 3
Spreadsheet that processes individual premium transactions to calculate written premium, written exposure, earned premium, earned exposures on both a calendar year and policy year basis (annual, quarterly, and monthly).         Pamphlet

Word Scrabbles

This spreadsheet does not access a library to find words for you, but displays the comutations of up to 6 letters.
Risk Analysis ASAP version 2.1  ​Provides an overall analysis of a book of business for Product Manager/Senior Management. Program accepts experience for multiple lines of business, applies loss development and loss adjustment expense factors to obtain the experience loss ratio(ELR). The premiums and losses are then adjusted to current cost levels, trended to the future period when the rates will apply, and compared to the rate provision for losses to produce the indicated rate level change needed.  
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Basketball's March Madness

Spreadsheet: MarchMadness-2018.xls

Available Computer Programs:

History ASAP version 2.3
Compiles company historical experience for a selected state and line(s) of business, calculates countrywide expense allocations, and provides ratios to premiums or losses as needed. Useful for completing state filing forms. 
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Texas Page 14 Experience

The Texas Department of Insurance makes available the Statutory Page 14 experience in Texas. ASAP provides a service to extract and summarize this experience in a spreadsheet for individual companies or as grouped by TDI. The following describes the details of this service:  Page14.

5th Dimension version 2.0

Program uses an iterative fitting to the marginal data of a 5 dimensional multiplicative matrix. The user selects the number of dimensions, and defines the rating elements (alfa, numeric, or range) and the program produces the best fit of rates/relativities with minimum bias for the matrix. Up to 1,000 rating elements may be defined, with up to 2,500,000 combination. Optional experience exhibits and filing exhibits are produced.


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